Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Ain't no justice.

At least, none for THIS minority.

I learnt pretty fast that in the Blog-world, Bridget Jones becomes Belle du Jour (back to blogging after a book-writing break). The assumption was that blogs mirror, reveal, analyse, ridicule "real life" (and with luck, translate into mega-bucks book / column deals. Why else would I keep posting?!)

Now (actually last year) the Blonde Librarian's blog spills over into real life.
Tsk. Is nothing sacred? Candace Bushnell should sue for copyright violation.

Corollary (and I'm sorry if this sounds sexist) - the odds for a book deal are totally stacked in favour of angsty clever chick-lit. Especially if the writer is also photogenic.
The other (male) route is to be learned, incisive and impressive. 'Interesting' is often an optional extra. Hmmm. Too much like hard work, that.

So which should I buy first, a padded corset or a lovely soft blonde wig?

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Update: Nosing around for reviews of Belle's book on Amazon, I found that ..

"Customers who bought books by Anonymous also bought books by ...
Devereaux! My literary idol back in Cls. VIII (and before you ask, children, NO you were prolly not born then!) when the hormones were just a-prancin' and a-pourin'.

I'd read a chapter a day (usually hiding under the bed) then recount it in the school bus on the way back home, This of course soon won me minor- idol-status among my peers, or at least those on the same bus.

Ummm ... Statutory Warning. We didn't revel in his work for the prose style. Perhaps our more literary friends might try a review?

Right, two coffee breaks in one morning is a bit much, back to work. But thanks for the memories, Charles.

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would madam care to try some chanel no 5 along with her wig and corset?
Surely you wouldn't cover up your best feature.
i'd suggest high heel shoes as the first buy...preferably red....they'll go with the slinky evening low cut gown you'll eventually have to buy for the book awards...
also, clarification, I was not only born when you were in class VIII, I was in school!!! Not the same school as you maybe (hopefully) but definitely in school :D
I bet Aerosmith's recording their comeback single, Dude Looks Like A Writer.

So, you were into Victorian porn in class VIII?
Unrelated question: Have you read Shasti Brata? Pioneering Indian porn. But his English was strong, like a cup of dark coffee.
Blah-nik, Chanel No. 5 is very exclusive. As in, not to be worn with ANYthing else, as Norma Jean informed the world.

WB, my pate is my most NOTICEable feature. I would like to believe that it encases my best feature.

B'Fish, you're mistaking me for Aamir Khan in Baazi. You don't know when I was in Cls. VII; believe me, you can't have been out of diapers then, let alone in school.

Krishna, pliss to trans-let. Are you suggesting something with Liv Tyler? (low moan)

Fool, rather before Cls. VIII; Cls. IV, if I recall aright. Just developed the confidence to admit it in Cls. VIII.
S. Brata (there was a Chattopadhyay after that when he was in Presidency; my Dad LOATHES him since then) wrote fairly well but had nothing much to say. Like P. Nandy after him.

trust me on this count..I *know* when you were in class VII...enigmatic smile....
i was blog hopping...
stumbled upon urs..liked ur profile ."..i pretend to work and they...." \part
1. norma jean wore chanel no. 5 'and nothing else' only at bed times. presumably, on other occassions it no. 5 plus something. so you'd be quite covered with wig and corset

2. and oh, 'Lad-Lit' is big too. ask nick hornby!
Didn't know there was a Chattopadhyay after the name. Would have given an explosive double barrel sound to his name. Could have sold more then!
I could never write a book. It takes e an eon just to write a simple, sucktastic blog entry. :)
Many thankhs saar phor blunderphool poem on my Barnes posht
not true, not true. men can be non-incisive and still popular. for every belle du jour, there is a malewhore.
@VP: as far as the point about the gender of the author is concerned, the gender of the blog persona need not be the same as the gender the blogger, no?
ooooh, good point! but youd have to be sue townsend to pull off something as outrageous as that! is jap up to it?
i started to post a comment, realised all i wanted to say has pretty much already been said, and went away dejected...
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