Tuesday, September 20, 2005

That which we call a rose

sum up the importance of the current India - Zimbabwe series with the headline "Pathan leaves Bangladesh in tatters".

Yeah right. And between overs, he's thought up a plan for peace in the Middle East.
(Think Babel without the fish ... Ei pola da kee koitasey ga Musharraf Miyan?)

On a different note, are Bangladesh deemed such pushovers that they get ripped apart even when some other team is batting? I seem to recall a Bud Spencer gag on these lines. Trinity Bowls Again?



Getting themselves into tatters is something Bangladesh can perform very well without Pathan's help...thank you. Can't blame Cricinfo for getting into this muddle...trying to juggle anti-Ganguly vitriol with the pain of covering 3 of the world chump teams in action---Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and India is quite a task.

Rimi said...

ah! i think i sense quite a potential for entertainment from this post, arnab's comment, and his own current post. *rubs hand delightedly* good good!

Rimi said...
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babelfish said...

is the sad old bong a bangaal by any chance?
me raises eyebrows superciliously and then grin disarmingly :D

eb said...

i guess, being the only bangladeshi in the crew, it's up to me to defend bangladesh's cricketing honor.

but i won't. mainly because, in test cricket, there's nothing left to defend. at all. one day is fine, i guess, but when our "tigers" head out to the test pitch and swing wildly at every single ball that comes their way, there's clearly no hope left.