Sunday, September 11, 2005

Unnatural abode

He moved in with her six months ago. Then, when she changed her room, he moved with her.

Seems a fairly non-interfering roomie, except for obsessively changing TV channels. And she says he’s gay, so no man-woman complications, but he craves attention.

She’s never seen him. How can she know so much about a ghost?

**** **** **** **** ***

Disclaimer - this didn't start out as micro-fiction. The lady in question lives in a hostel in central London and told me about her invisible room-mate in very matter-of-fact fashion. Perhaps she was having me on.

And perhaps she wasn't.

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Webmiztris said...

hmmmm, gay guys are compulsive about changing the channels too? who knew?

Vishnupriya said...

did you know there's a movie being released with EXACTLY the same plot (gender reversed).

Anonymous said...

What bilge! Get off thy lazy behind and start writing sense. This micro fiction has done you in. Where has all that purple prose gone?

Inkblot said...

Did you ask her if she was having you on...?
Or how the reportedly gay ghost reacts to male visitors?
U sure this woman exists or is she a ghost herself- a figment of your imagination...?

sinusoidally said...

Perhaps the woman in question could benefit from a referral to professional help...

IdeaSmith said...

Some more details!!! That's what makes stories of the paranormal fascinating

babelfish said...

they say all the nice men are either gay or taken...maybe we should extend that to ghosts :D

A fool on the hill said...

Her remote must have conked off! Jokes apart, that was a great piece of micro-fiction/faction.

PS: Encore! Encore!

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Dawn, male-female, gay-straight, we're all zappers. Except this guy doesn't use the remote!

VP, thanks for the lead. Any movie with Reese W and her piranha jaw has to be scary.

Anon, purple is passe. Think micro.

Inkblot, the lady exists. Which is more than I can say for certain about your blog. Let us in!

Labile, I thought you're training to be a surgeon, why the business-builder for shrinks? (She seems quite sane, truly)

I'Smith, imagination works better.

B'Fish, Dari Buro said it already ... Jaa naa chaibar taai aaji chai go ...

Fool, thankee kindly. Now if you'll sort out the order with Anon up there ..


Rajesh J Advani said...

Nice :)

The disclaimer added value :)