Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Why're you looking at me like that?

Plumpernickel (presumably blogging away furiously from the office) wonders why she is always in a minority.
Hey - so I'm not the only one? How reassuring.

(I'm not paranoid, it's just that everybody's out to get me ...)

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Ph said...

Go read my blog then.

km said...

You were in the minority because you had a crush on Rod Stewart?

Tell me it ain't so, JAP!


A fool on the hill said...

But you hardly seem to be in the minority.

Plumpernickel said...

Umm... You are not the minority in this city, I am.
Pseudo-Angsty quizzer - check
Pseudo-Angsty bong - check
Pseudo-Angsty literary bong - check
Pseudo-Angsty humorous literary bong - check
Pseudo-Angsty humorous literary middle-aged bong - check

Dada (heh!), need I tell you just how much you are not in a minority in this city? (Not a bad thing actually and one of the many pleasures of being in Calcutta)

Thanks for the spurt of visitors and I am not in my office, hence the furious postings. :-)

eb said...

yes boss.

the assigned task has been completed on my blog. they're all exactly 55 words long. hah.

and btw, you misspelled my name. there's only one k in electrik

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Ph, I already told you to quit showing off!

Krishna, shhhhh!! (You'd rather I tripped on David Bowie, perhaps?)

Fool, why am I not in the minority? (See, I SAID you're all out to get me!)

P'Nickel, what angst? Why did the 'quizzer' vanish after one line? Re: traffic, your prose may not be purple, but your blog should be read.

eKlKeKtKrKiKK bKlKuLeKsL, shall spell weird monikers howsoever I choose. (Now for Whoof-rock, Prude-shock et al)