Saturday, September 03, 2005

Static ..

.. the kind one gets on the radio.
Background noise that hisses and spits and just screws up normal communication.

Until it turns out that the static IS the communication.

New Orleans.
I had this grudging respect for the USA. They may have an unnaturally large percentage of morons, but they also have an unusually large percentage of sharp people and a respect for the system.
Now it turns out the morons have taken over.


Communication said...

Now MOBILE....

Ph said...

A hisser AND a spitter? Tsk. Tsk.

km said...

Now it turns out the morons have taken over.

Da, you're making it sound like the scenario from Night of the Living Morons. But yes, the American dream seems like a painful nightmare. And it doesn't seem very American any longer. To be fed and clothed - isn't that the dream of the millions outside America?

But I'll tell you what is so truly American: Kanye West appearing on the NBC fund-raiser last night and slamming Dubya. Live, on a nationally watched television show. You should have seen the look on Mike Myers' face. This was so much more satisfying than Sinead O'Connor tearing up the Pope's picture on television in '88.


Sibyl said...

Oh yes, but can you bear all that stuff bout the First World looking more now like the Third. It annoys me that they don't know we are just some chaos away--not a different planet with different life-forms.

But my real reason for being here is to submit some static to your blogversation. I've tagged you!

gawker said...

The morons have been in power for 5 years now.

Rimi said...

...and while all of this is very relevant and heart-rending, we demand a new post pronto!

(let the stoning of the philistine begin...)

Webmiztris said...

the morons are just so damn plentiful! just look at our president!