Tuesday, April 08, 2008


A couple of years ago, a friend in Bates mailed me a sound clip.

Take one passionate Bong voice-over artiste, put him in front of a mike, stir him up about S. Ganguly’s ouster and sneakily record the out-takes of his ire. The result is a 6-minute piece known to the Bong Underground as – what else? – Bonguly.

Awesome stuff that’s lifted my spirits on many a late evening in office. I posted about it at the time (this is for YOU, before you say I’m repeating myself!) but now I found the link on The Empty Vessel (many thanks!).


And since I'm at it, I may as well put up (another repeat) my other contribution to Gross National Happiness. (Quite gross, but utter delight). Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Doyal Baba.


Phantasmagoria said...

Okay I won't say it. But its got to stop. *glare*

Tabula Rasa said...

i think i can do a better bong accent. but doyal baba is non-pareil.

BongoP'o'ndit said...

Bonguly is gold. Havent LOLed like this for a longish time.
Thanks for uncovering the gem.

(However, should have come with a warning about not drinking coffee while listening....)

Vivek Kumar said...

Too much wonly!! Thanks for bringing this to light. Now, if someone would set this to video..

Apart from the coffee-warning, put some NSFW warning-sharning also baba. Not that I have any bosses to worry about.. but still!

Sap said...

Well, I a final year engineering student at BITS, Pilani. Currently interning at Mumbai. A perfunctory engineer and a passionate writer.

Thanks for linking me.

The empty vessel.

P.S. Since you brought bonguly to the net, do you have any clue who the speaker is? And (if he is talking over the phone) who is he talking to?

Neeraj Banerji said...

"I will masturbate on your face... you are gay."
~ Bonguly

God this is priceless.

Poorna Banerjee said...

seriously tumi DAYAL baba dekhoni aage?? Bonguly shononi?? Ish....

Ei ei buladi dekhechho?? Maane Monica Bellucci-r buladi??

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Ph, would that I could. Have started three separate posts that have petered out.

Prof, a Bong accent? You?!

Pondit Moshai, it is the succour of these long blighted evenings.

Vivek, warning? Pshaw and fiddlesticks!

Empty V, have mailed my friend for details. And it's not on the phone, it's out-takes from a studio recording.

Richie, do NOT let your father know! I can just imagine his look of scandalised horror.

Panu, be a good girl and read the fine print. I put Bonguly out on the Net!


Partho said...

While you are at it, do also give the identity of the real Doyalbaba.

Anonymous said...

i think i can do a better bong accent. but doyal baba is non-pareil.


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