Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One way or the other

Work has a nasty habit of intruding upon Life. This has been a major reason for my infrequent posting over the last few months. (The main reason, of course, has been sheer sloth.) Now I have another one.

Some kind souls who are High Up in the Print Media surprisingly offered to print my effusions. What’s more, they actually followed up and printed them. Five or seven pieces over the last 9 months. I am deeply grateful (and marginally richer. Yes, I said marginally. Hint!) The down-side is that they have Strictly Forbidden me to post on my blog the stuff I send them, at least until after they have printed it. So now I have two thingies under submission. One will be printed on the 19th (or so I’m told). The other one is Under Review.

So if you see a new post up here the day after tomorrow, please comment. Try and be exceedingly kind and complimentary to console me for my lack of income.


??! said...

at least until after they have printed it
Well, then, where are those five-seven pieces?

km said...


/what ??! said.

//Er..I've been told you have a "very beautifully written post" on a certain holy city in India. You are not saving that for print, are you?

Partho said...
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Partho said...

You sold out? Sad sad. Now the least you'll have to do is post here everytime when and where they're going to print your next.

Akaash said...

Great blog! Absolute hilarity!

No Thanks said...

Selling your goodies for money, what a amazing concept.

eve's lungs said...

where ?

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Ladies and gentles, all the previous pieces have been posted on this blog.

The hotel piece didn't take, but I have till this evening to send in a related thingy.

KM, Benares appeared in The Mint (Lounge) over the weekend. I shall post it later today.