Monday, February 20, 2006

Krrr-Eagar-rrr! J.A.P. bundolo!

Following on a conversation with He Who is Not Flippant, wherein I was Urged to Reveal All, it occurred to me that I may be a Poor Libertarian and a Lousy Blogger, but by God I HAVE taken some cricket photographs. So you can keep the kebabs and the qawwals, I shall now post some cricket pics where you can also See the Ball.
Like so ...

Pliss to note ball in middle of trajectory. Try it some time. Not that easy without an SLR and a humongous zoom. I had to do a dozen trial shots before I got the timing right. Next time, I'll do one of those triple shutter-release settings. But that would be a little like cheating, innit?

Head over the ball, front elbow high, balance right. Reminiscent of a man I grew up watching. Except that he's not side-on, he's squared up a little too much.

Last year I batted at the Gardens. Even scored a few runs though I was sent in with less than two overs to go, but n
obody bothered to take a photograph, not even when I (almost) hit a boundary. Grrrr.

Stump flying. I missed the bails.

Don't think timing can get much better than this.
Patrick Eagar, I'm coming for you!

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Ph said...

Yes, most exciting it is. Now can we get back to the regular broadcast of rants, raves and whatever else it is you do.

Plumpernickel said...

Sorry to post this here, but dada do you have an email id?

erebus said...

looove the yellow and red pants

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Ph, you are a Ph-ilistine for not appreciating my art!

Erebus, we didn't design them, we didn't even have a choice about wearing them.

P'Nickel, now you know. Though we don't know why you know.


A fool on the hill said...

Pyjama cricket in full glory!

TerritorialMale said...

Now that we've seen the pics, is the Spot the Ball trivia on the way. But I'll bet it'll be easy to spot the ball when you're batting.

Kele Panchu said...

Assuming the bowler is bowling at 45mph (medium-pacer? :)), it should take about a seccond for the ball to reach the batsman. If you press your shutter in burst mode (I don't know the exact technical name for it), you can have at least 3 shots. Did you mean the same thing by mentioning tripple shutter-release setting? Thats's not cheating, I guess all sports photographers do it that way! So what zoom did you use?

30in2005 said...

You've been tagged! And i do hope you bother - most intrigued public awaits the response!

Your angry-ness is cool. And not to do with this post but your R Db review was spot on!


Amazing cricket gear...I admire your photographic skills...but I cannot help but also admire the sartorial sense of these fine gentlemen...where are the fashion police when you need them?