Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pujo moods. (I hope)

It rained on
Panchami afternoon. Any other time of the year I would have revelled in the particular melancholy of the pouring rain, the dripping trees, the caress of the rain-spray.
But on
Panchami I worried about the traffic outside and the pandal getting muddy.
And our booking at Bhojohori Manna.

The long shadows of an autumn evening.
The approach to Singhi Park.

While (below) the last touches to Hindustan Boys'
(yes, OK, this was after a HUGE lunch at Bhojohori. And btw, the restaurant with the perfect music was at the Stadel the next day.)

Evening at Singhi Park, and some music.

Amader para'r Pujo

The crossing of Lake and Lake View;
Shomaj Shebi
and Ballygunge Cultural.
Awaiting the storm.

You think he's reading her the Riot Act about last-minute shopping?

Dead end. At least at this hour of the morning.

Our local celebrity Pujo, morning and night

Somebody tell me this is a great photo. Please.

A blur of kaalchaar. Very Bangali.

The Charlie Brown Pujo incorporates
the Myth of the Great Pumpkin.

After the madding crowd ...



Bonatellis said...

this is very nostalgic ..

sd said...

Shubho Bijoya Sir.

sinusoidally said...
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sinusoidally said...


thalassa_mikra said...

Thank you so much JAP-da. Aapnaake Bijoyar Anek Shubhechchha.

30in2005 said...

Shubho bijoya. We went to the celebrations in Camden Hall, London this evening. Lovely and festive and felt very homesick!

And yes, the picture is GR8!

Prerona said...

30in2005 thats such a cute url! i loved it :) it was funny bcz i will be too (30in2005) and its always in the back of my mind ... somewhere - it seems like such a huge number of candles ;@)

2005 toh beshi baaki nei - kobe aar boro hobe?

went to glasgow for pujo ... ki bolbo, i dont know if it makes it a little better or much worse ... but next year i'll be home for pujo (and this year for kali-pujo) and it will have been

macadamia said...

thanks JAP - the pictures and your post triggered this gut wrenching nostalgia within. from the inner reaches of darkest peru (or thereabouts), Shubho Bijoya to all, peace and love to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

I was just browsing through the net when I chanced upon your blog. There is one line there which really made me very happy. it's about the hotel Stadel with nice music.

I am glad you liked it.

P.R. Manager
The Stadel