Friday, October 21, 2005

... killed the cat, I know. BUT ...

This is not very politic ("cautious and meticulous", nor "full of high sentence", mayhap "a bit obtuse"). But I am very curious.

WHO in Brazil reads my blog? iBest service provider. If you drop by again, please be kind enough to illuminate.
Also, Belgian Catholic University? (Do I have the translation correct?)
Malaysia? Friend of Jay's?
And Nigeria ... Nigeria? S* won't even move there till November, I would have understood if it were he.

The key-word search is even more disorienting. For a while, the leader was pantua. Which was OK (though I prefer malpoa), until a really raw phrase displaced it.
Right now, 'Giuditta Scorcelletti' is up there. Nice to know she has some following, I really liked her voice.
The Ponytail is high on every search list, so I can understand that one.
But 'boudi stories'? Ye Gods and little fishes.

The really wacky ones are:
- 'khus sharbat'. Eh?
- 'Insead PhD' - leads to some exasperated browsers, I daresay.
- 'S.P. Zariwala' - Who?

And of course - 'dodges chicken'. Mental picture of large enraged fowl striding towards a portly figure that jinks at high speed. Heh.

(Yes, I'm ill, bored AND sick of 'comparative investment figures' and 'core competence'. Or as my blasted colleagues would insist, 'core competencIES'. Morons.)



Plumpernickel said...

core competencies in a goverment office? What is happening to the gorment these days?

Jay said...

Yay for Jay's friends :-p

Consider yourself lucky. Most of the people who've found my blog through keyword searches were looking for porn.

joyee said...

Hehehe.. so you get to see the access logs? Isn't it good fun? :-P

Prerona said...

Ur feeling ill? ur feeling sick? :)

Hope you feel better soon :)

I was so fascinated by ur old rain song post that i sent the url to the world and his wife

I've never had search stats! How do you get those?

Prerona said...

Thank you. I find doubles harder bcz I think I'm a little scared of sculling ... but the way things are going I very soon might have to go back to it!

km said...

JAPda, if we sponsor a stylish Colt or an effective 12-gauge (sawed off, of course), do you promise to kill the Utterers of core competencIES? Ugly, ugly word. At least Indian executives aren't turning their nouns into verbs and vice versa.


Rimi said...

eibaar ami ektu confused (of course, i AM sleepy) what excatly is going on here? how do you know what keyword searches lead to your blog? VERY mystifying...

thalassa_mikra said...

Wow, someone from Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven was on your site? One of the most gorgeous universities I've ever seen, in one of the most gorgeous university towns in the world.

Jargon, jargon, it's the same everywhere.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

P'Nickel, 'these are the days of miracle and wonder'.

Jay - they didn't find it? Damn!

Joyee - great fun. Almost as much as not finding your blog.

Prerona - sick of just about everything. Glad you liked the Rain Song.

KM, I'm more used to a .32 by Sturn & Ruger (of Connecticut - check out the beautiful balance rod), but never used it on a colleague yet.

Rimi, check out the 'Free Website Tracker' below my blogroll.

T-M, you disgustingly well-travelled person, put up pictures then.


J. Alfred Prufrock said...

KM - SturM & Ruger. 'Scuse typo pliss. (But seriously, a lovely revolver.)


Shobhik said...

Why don't you try a Walther PPK, or the NightHawk, or the .352 Magnum?

Or simply a nice sniper rifle like the Dragunov?

Or maybe a Sig Sauer handgun?

12 gauges are slow and make too much noise.

Whichever weapon you choose, the colleagues have to go!

Vaga Bond said...

Sir! Pliss Sir! You are the Boss Sir! I poor hombre savant Sir! No can Spill Sir! Only got Mr. Odeon's Bible in free in School Sir! Only could read XIII. Then had to stop. Stop. Sir! Pliss Sir! :-).

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Kanti, we shall talk guns when we next meet. Suffice it to say that I've never laid hands upon a Dragunov, a NightHawk or a Sig Sauer (never even heard of that last one).

BabelPhatP, no comprende. Though you may be punching Philip Larkin into the King James (cf: "an Odeon flashed by, a cooling tower / and someone running up to bowl")


Prerona said...

good morning! hope ur feeling better. all that guntalk sounds like u just might :) its a wet, cold, monday morning here and its another weekend is over!

Prerona said...

i was going to ask again, about the stats, but then i saw ur reply to Rimi ... thanks

ur template seems to be in trouble. the width allocated to ur side bar and main sections add upto more than the page width so they dont fit - u can fix it reducing the width of one of them. i had a simliar problem - but in reverse! i reduced the width for the side bar and it worked.

A Cynic in Wonderland said...

Ennui eh ? There was a site which even valued the blogs ..dunno whether it exists anymore ..and one could trade in shares of blogs and some such thing ..

Rimi said...

ok, listen. ince you aren't avaiable on gtalk, you shall be scolded here. and this shall be copy-pasted on other blogs.

ki bhebechho tomra? 'let there be a blog...and then not do ennything about it'??? yaarki? you shall be nice and post your blogmeet article, AND all your pujo posts by tomorrow noon. thanks to your timestamp format, you know EXACTLY which noon it is.

or else.

you've been warned.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

:D Hey i know the feeling. Apparently if you type in pics of rakhi sawant it leads one to my blog. I'll be damned!

Ph said...

Ok, so they didn't fess up, but you CAN post now.

Teleute said...

so what if you've been away? does that mean you won't post?

Kaushik said...


macadamia said...

these delays in posting are really quite inexcusable you know. please revert to norma and post right away!

Happy Diwali etc

Australopithecus said...

curiosity was framed. it was stupidity that killed the cat....i should be saying CAT too loudly some very nervous MBA aspirant nearby almost had a heart attack....Nigeria? maybe tehy are doing some groundwork before roping you in for the nigerian money scam.
I get people from countries whose flags i dont even recognise...i got a hit form malta this week...i mean how amny people live in malta?..two and a half?...

Rhyncus said...

Ah, Nigeria. Was I responsible for that visit, I wonder. Used to be my town-of-work, Lagos.