Sunday, March 13, 2005

Grouse time ... does Blogger listen?

Why does the nav bar vanish when I view my blog?

*time to choose a persona here ... ultra-cool superior type who is 'just asking' or spoilt 20-something with attitude who wants the world and his template improved NOW? Haven't been 20-something for many years now. On the other hand it's an effort to be ultra-cool and superior ... Damn all decisions!*

Why can't I go straight from viewing my blog to editing it?

What do I do if I want to edit or delete a post? *This shows that I Do Not Learn. Or that I have a tiny streak of Type A. Whatinell am I doing posting again when I don't know how to edit it?*

WHERE is the Blogroll thingy? Over the last three days I've found a half-dozen blogs I'd want to read regularly (thank you, Amit Verma and Samit Basu) and there's no way I'm going to load them on my Favourites menu. Hmmm ... Now wasn't there something on India Uncut .... ?

WHY can't one just set the blog clock to the correct time and forget about it?

IS this a more crummy set-up than rediffblogs? Ummm ... at the risk of gushing (effusions, the eff being the operative part), the blogs here are a whole lot better than the semi-literate unimaginative majority that go on the Sizzling Blogs list on Rediff. On the other hand, considering the route I took here, I must have been browsing the 98 percentile group.

Conclusion - have found persona. Lazy spoilt tech-challenged whingeing wimp.

Question - who did the sample templates for Blogger? The igpay atinlay bit suggests some Yank. How many Brits or Indians do pig Latin? (Digression .. yes this is a genuine digression ... introduction to pig Latin was "oorday ightray astfay" in a Mandrake and Lothar exchange. There are entire generations out there who have never read a Mandrake or Phantom comic. Come back, Lee Falk, say it isn't so!)
On the other hand, the recurrence of wankeing in pig German is totally Brit. Including the 'e' as camouflage (oh, verreh effective, old chap).
Would some well-informed blogger enlighten me?

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Ph said...

Ouch! Check the latest on their sizzling list!