Friday, March 18, 2005

Buck's fizz? I DON'T think!

Bloody awful day. Had to sit in office even though I have passes to the Test. Now I'm home and I can't change into my disreputable but divinely comfortable singlet and shorts because we Expect Visitors.

Tendulkar batted in vintage form and my friends messaged from the Clubhouse.

Then Steve Bloody Bucknor gave him out caught behind when Amit Verma categorically stated that he could "see daylight between bat and ball from the Press Box".

Now to make matters unbearable, Amit has NOT ranted against the Ageing Nestor on Cricinfo or India Uncut. Hang political correctness, maaan! KILL 'IM! (think Sabina Park and Holding running in to bowl to some shivering Pommie ...)

Just checked Cricinfo again. Samiuddin and Vasu have presented the Bucknor Angle. Not, however, in language strong enough to salve our agony. I empathise with Shylock ... my pound of flesh!


Ph said...

Good show. No show. If you ask me what, I will hit you.

Jabberwock said...

With you on Tendulkar and Bucknor, J.A.P. The last thing SRT needs is to be denied thusly when he's just about got the rhythm going. And this was a seriously bad decision, even accounting for the poor light and the standard rule that one mustn't be too harsh on umpires.