Friday, August 18, 2006

Surf's up

Aching with a stupid fever, shying away from my study where my helpful colleagues (I so lurrvve them – sods!) have dumped a truckload of files, what can I do while I loll in bed like a particularly repulsive beached whale?

Surf, of course.

To find that life gets bleaker. Especially if you want to surf in the air. I can just imagine my more obsessive blogger friends weeping great hot tears up in the clouds. Wait, acid rain?

In other news, it is confirmed that the Aussies are crazy. And that Crocodile Dundee was a merman.

For those of us who keenly analyse the media, HT Online has a regular page of grave import. Poor things, they all look sad and malnourished.

But in the best find of the week, a couple of JUDE-eans share their linguistic ecstasy with the cyber-world. Hum je ki bhaabe bujhaayega era kitnaa mohot karjyo kora hai, jisko bolta hai shokh kaa praan Gorh ka math bon gaya.

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km said...

Just so you know, Mizpah "hits the gym" daily.

They may be sad and malnourished, but they sure have a higher basal metabolic rate than us.

Rimi said...

*Bows deeply*

The pleasure is entirely ours. And now I shall go click on the other links.

Anyesha said...

One question, how many repulsive beached whales have you known?...the only ones I have heard or read about were really sad. Btw, milk that aching fever for all its worth in terms of hot chocolate, belly rubs and other goodies while you can.

Tabula Rasa said...

funny how they all sound like they're haggling with rikshawalas :-|

Anonymous said...

You're so right...helpful colleagues...SODS!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting links.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

KM - So true (gazes sadly upon "too, too solid flesh")

Rimi - welcome. Or rather, ajasrya dhanyavaad, aasha korta hai tum emni emni pachand korta hai

Anyesha - so am I sad, I am sad like nobody's business. Chocolate would be nice, but belly rubs? Neck and head rubs for me, thank you.

T. Rasa - who's haggling? JUDE-eans or anorexics?

Naatni?! All the way from Hyderabad?!

Vi (bows gravely)


Tabula Rasa said...

judeans, i'd say. the anorexics already lost.