Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Loss of Inheritance (well, sort of)

A slightly lost young Surd. Connaught Place. A car with central locking. The urge to save a half hour in the morning.

Mix well.

Goodbye, laptop. Farewell, iPod. (But why take my toilet-case?)

It’s been a week and the thought hurts a little less. But it still hurts. And I don’t normally put up personal stuff on this blog, but this has cut down my already infrequent posting. (Yes, I can hear the sighs of relief, thank you.)

So there I was, trying to save a half hour for the next morning by collecting my boarding pass. Ten minutes into the transaction, young Surd rushes in. Saab, did you bring your ‘attache’ in with you? Gone from the car.

I’d TOLD the young moron to keep an eye on my bags. I’d locked the doors. So of course, when some Johnny sidled up to ask for directions, our young Samaritan had to get out of the car (thus unlocking the central lock) and give him detailed instructions. While somebody cleanly swiped both overnight case and laptop from the other door.

Finding - Delhi Police have pretty decent offices and station houses.
Sidelight – I can now take indirect responsibility for a bomb scare. The overnight case was abandoned in front of Golcha Cinema. Suspicious unattended bag. Bomb Squad. Daryaganj P.S. Forlorn bag handed back. Missing, one iPod. And one toilet case. Why? (They left me a shirt and undies. So kind of them.)


Cynic in Wonderland said...

Heartfelt condolences !

Tabula Rasa said...


Aravind said...

So often we deal with morons like this. Instructions have to be left very specifically.

Don't get out of the car.
I will be back in 15 minutes.
If you have to leave get the bags with you. ad nauseum!

eve's lungs said...

Extreme and deep sympathies over the loss of your worldly goods . I hope you gave the bashi bazouk a good wigging . maddening .Idiot drivers normally need to be told to stay in the car , with face turned in the general direction of the passenger's worldly goods .

PS - so nice to see a post after absolute ages . Had a nice chinwag about the virtual you ( from my perspective) and the real you( the common friend's perspective )with a common friend ( or is it a mutual friend ?)

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Cynic, Prof, thank you for sympathy.

Aravind, instructions were left. To no avail.

E Lungs, tankee for sympathy. Tell me more about common friend and chinwag.


Sue said...

There, there. Maybe they liked your shaving kit?

On a diff note, have headed a Polish journalist your way. She seems nice, so be good to her.

Malavika said...

Yowch. My laptop crashed a couple of months ago, and the backup turned out to be no such thing, so I feel your pain. Kind of.

??! said...

But why take my toilet-case?
nice aftershave?

also, yeouch. hum aapka dukh samajh sakte hain.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Sue, you have a point. Especially now that mongoose hair brushes have been banned.

Mala, I haven't even examined the backup too closely for fear I'll sit down and weep.

??!, you may be right. Travel pack of some Calvin Klein (Eternity?), but so tiny, it's like child-lifting.


shakester said...

ah, condolences....