Thursday, October 25, 2007

Koshchens arise

The Vada man, on chat, just raised a point that seriously worries me. Name the hottest babe in your service, sez he.

I was thrown. The most pacifist employee in Blackwater? Britney Spears’ great fashion ideas? Fernando Alonso's sporting gestures? Paris Hilton’s intellectual pursuits? As oxymorons go, this one is right up there. I can think of some men in my fraternity who are kind of cool and (presumably) hot, but women?

The Lack of Babes in IITs and IIMs is well documented, much bemoaned. (Only by males, of course. I’m sure the girls are OK with their position on the demand curve.) So add one more drought area – any given services training institute. I can only imagine the trauma of a guy who’s been through IIT, IIM and is then misguided enough to join the civil services. Halloo? Where’s the wimmin, mossyoo?

They’d probably have more chance of getting some in a seminary. Not to mention better cuisine. Good thing I made up my mind back in First Year.

So question to my SAO-15 (yes, the Vada also directed me to Joel Achenbach) – can any of you think of any career civil servant who is also (a) identifiably female and (b) hot? (Magsaysay Awards do not register on the hottie scale). Names not essential (though welcome – try e-mail!), just affirmations.

Enlighten me.

Important point - I have just been told that lady cops (or Customs officers, for that matter) have an unfair advantage, since some men will find even Condi Rice hot if she wears a tight uniform. So when nominating, please consider whether the lady in question would be hot without her uniform.

Umm ... no no, not THAT way. Oh bggrrttt, you know what I mean.


Tabula Rasa said...

i think you all need to watch margaret cho. don't miss the ass master.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

And the point is? (Sorry, my speakers died on me. Bad month)


Kalyan said...

Lack of lass in IIts. Agreed.

Vivek Kumar said...

I can only imagine the trauma of a guy who’s been through IIT, IIM and is then misguided enough to join the civil services.

I am glad I didn't attend IIM :)

To get to the point.. no, I can't think of anyone to nominate. But thanks for asking.

Plumpernickel said...

Now, wimmin in the IITs have it bad.
Firstly, the collective smell of unwashed (some, who reputedly boast of weeks of not entering the showers) young men in MA101 in the first sem is enough to put one off the indian male rather effectively.
Secondly, putting with idiotic rejoinders from not just one's male colleagues but also professors on how one has usurped what rightfully should have gone to some man, ALL through one's course of study also serves to dull one's appreciation of the male species.
Thirdly, for every IIT-IIM guy who moans and groans about the lack of eye candy, I have one question: do you even understand the plight of the very few women who have to put up with SOBs like you? Does that not kill the faint chance that you could have? Oh! I forgot, it is arm candy you are seeking, not intelligent attractive women.
Fourthly, it is a known statistic that most wimmin who despite the above decide to strike it through the IIT-IIMs end up marrying someone from the IIT-IIMs, so apparently SOME guys did get lucky.
And no, there are no known hot female civil servants, though most female IPS officers are smokin' hot. With a stretch of imagination one could think of Shovana Narayan, but compared to Upamanyu Chatterjee hotness, it rather fades. Non?

Malavika said...

Do you have an age limit ?? :-) I can think of a couple. Even one that I'm not related to.

I agree with plumpernickel, btw. I was once briefly notorious on campus for casually mentioning that most of the men who were bemoaning the lack of hot freshies, looked like bus conductors.

IdeaSmith said...
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IdeaSmith said...

Oh for....!! Stop bemoaning the plight of the pedigreed pups please, the entire country treats them like they're God's gift to womenkind...and don't they know it?!!!!!

As for the the whole demand thing, that seems to be the case with men across the spectrum, campuses, workplaces, geographies irrespective. The girls are always hotter on the other side of the fence.

mystic rose said...

how sweet! yes i know of a couple(one a family friend).. not very popular or rather havent made it to the ..well, even page 11s, but definitely completely charming, and in their youth used to knock the socks off a lot of young men or so I heard. Women IAS officers from India. :) YAY!!

Opaline said...

I have ambitions in those areas, services+hotness.

The Aunt said...

I'm a civil servant. Not in IT though.

I'd like to think I don't break the mirror....

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Kalyan, Vivek, we feel ya.

P-Nickel, sympathies. Especially when you find the corporate world is not ALL that different.

Malavika, details.

I-Smith, already posted about how NO wimmin (except Cath ZeeJay) seem hot any more.

M Rose, pity I never met these paragons. Clarification about those I've met - some were charming, efficient, great colleagues. But not hot.

Opaline, misguided child, forget it!

Aunt M, you are of course a vision of beauty, but are you an INDIAN civil servant?


eve's lungs said...

I can think of 2 - 1 a lady IPS and one more - but then Im a woman so my views dont count .

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Eve's L, in our state? Who are they?