Monday, May 07, 2007


Misery comes in stages.

First, the creeping realisation that one has not written anything in quite some time.

Then the efforts to Make Some Time to Write.

One has nothing to write about.

And anyway, other people have written about it. Much better than I can.

Try anyway? Nothing comes. Psyllium husk, where art thou?

Then, to rub it in, nice people offer me money to write. (I shall not repeat not voice my suspicion that they then sit back and gloat over my discomfiture.)

Still, nothing comes.

One might as well write nothing.

Hence this post.

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eve's lungs said...

YOU are a man of few precise words and convey a great deal with minimal effort . We shall wait and watch .. and of course read

Anonymous said...

Some of us understand Writer's Block. And reiterate: Don't stress.



Ph said...

:( We know this all too well. Hugs.

Australopithecus said...


and do get in touch the next time you are in town.

Tabula Rasa said...

what, it's another job now? six months ago it was an obsession. get a grip, man! go to the maidan and report on a match or something.

or take another cruise down the hooghly :-D

Aunty Marianne said...

Psyllium husk. Mwahahahaha.

as requested regarding jute
auntymarianne at skynet dot be

km said...

Psillium Husk...har har har.

Potty humor gets the job done every time.

Inkblot said...

nice post. enjoyed it.

perhaps you should reinvent your blog- new template, new links or none, new humour, new persona?

laziness comes in many shades
its a form of living and dying
you choose


satanbug21 said...

are you trying to replenish your creative juices with a bit of Goa`s Finest...

sangsta said...
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sangsta said...

Haha..that was ADORABLE! I had taken a hiatus from blogging, and returning to the blogosphere ended up harder than expected. Hence my excessive lounging around in the blog world trying to find material that could shake the blogger in me awake :)

PS: I stumbled upon your blog from another blog, which I stumbled upon from a friend's blog. Just in case you were wondering who I was...and I haven't been in the blogging world long enough to know what blogging etiquette calls for :)

"sen"sational said...

And, next please?