Friday, March 09, 2007


The Blank Noise Project is not always moving. Sometimes it's just ... bleah.

Then I read something like this and it feels a little dirty to be a man.

In my defence, I've never groped, assaulted, accosted or solicited[1] a woman.
OK, that's mainly because nobody's ever asked me to, but surely it should count for something.

Or wait - am I missing the point here?


[1] - I can't truthfully say I've never harassed a woman. Mainly by being myself. But that has never been gender-specific. Men of my acquaintance have complained of it too. Though the men have been less violent in their complaints.

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Renovatio said...

It's disgusting that women have to feel that way, that they have to change their behavior because of how men act around them... I think the two of the three times I've gotten into a fight myself were when a woman around me was accosted, and I didn't even know one of them... of course, the third time I got felt up, but that isn't worth discussing here... Still, I hope someone reads that and decides against feeling up women... It isn't much of a start, but you know what they say... if a single person changes, the writing has done more than what it was meant to...

Anonymous said...

Really? You are that clean?