Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm in love

Or, rather, 'ien louwe'.

This lady has long been the object of my adoration. Now her talents have made me smile even as I prepare to be tarred and feathered by the end of the week.

Ah, Leol-leh, leighd uv mei laive, loire uv mei foins!

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"sen"sational said...


Chronicus Skepticus said...

The man in the red satin heart stopped for a minute there.

Tabula Rasa said...

i picked up a boney m cd yesterday, in my eyes a flaming glow.

your fault.

iz said...

Aha. have been trying to trace you through my comments page and never managed because you have enabled access to your profile. Your blog was worth the hunt.

km said...

Thank you for brightening up our lives with this video.

Ph said...

Its all very good, now can we have a *proper* post.