Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Running ahead of the story

The mystery is solved.

What Matterazzi asked Zidane was ...

Hum ChlorMint kyon khaate hain?!



MinCat said...

*holds sides*
thanks i needed that.

Salil said...


"Dobara mat poochna!" (Headbutt!)

[BTW JAP - any way of reaching you by email - or could you email me?]

MinCat said...

yes but that has nothing to do with
1. my life, not being, as it were, a man.
2. my post, it being about fatness alone and fatness and me. :)

and thank you. and yes i will.

also, fat men come under a lot less flak than fat women. from social thingummies. in my observed experience. but then what do i know!

progga said...

ummm (scratching head)... I don't get it. :(

Salil said...

Progga - it's referencing a series of ads on a number of Indian channels.

Someone or the other looks at a Chlormint packet, then asks "Bhaiyya, hum Chlormint kyon khaate hain?"

Someone else responds in a randomly violent manner (slap across the head, headbutt, etc), accompanied with a "Dobara mat poochna!"

Subotai said...

yes! veery funny indeed!
will they show him clemency now? after all, there was Grave and Sudden Provocation!
nice blog, btw..

Smith said...

v v funny

Australopithecus said...


wendigo said...

hahahaha.. brilliant.

max said...

good one there :D

yesbob said...

the best yet !!