Sunday, June 04, 2006

with my feet up

A picture window framing the hills that cup the horizon. Layers of blue and grey merging with a cloud bank, like a Chinese painting. My pipe drawing just right. Under a blanket, a Very Small Person shares a siesta with a Comfortable Person.

Life gets better.



Australopithecus said...

nice..which reminds me..i need to get pipe cleaners.

neha vish said...

Oh, so Sunday. Like post-prandial.

Ph said...


zigzackly said...

Did you feel the green waves of envy lapping at your feet a few minutes ago, old chap?

Inkblot said...

now that was lovely...warm, cosy smiling feeling.
sometimes a beginning and end don't need a middle.
dump the caps when you can. not everything is for the world at large!

Prerona said...

How is very small person, btw? What fun for you :)

GhostOfTomJoad said...

Very nice and all that smoke a pipe?

Priya said...
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Priya said...

Hmmm(splashed in green). Siigghh!

REVerenD said... dint have to make such an attempt to try to undermine the girls crediblity and question the purpose of their mission.....

Vivek Kumar said...

"Life gets better"


I have to blame you for giving me such visuals.. while I am sitting in my office facing a government-cream (*) coloured wall.

(*) "government-cream" is a very special shade of cream colour.

km said...

The obvious question is not "do you smoke a pipe". The obvious question is, do you own a deerstalker?

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Aus - I thought only the Mameluke bootlegged pipes!

Neha - mmm yes, after a fashion

Ph - ;-)

Griff - I put my feet up

Inkblot - cryptic as ever, but thankee all the same

Prerona - VSP in fine fettle, running the entire posse quite ragged

Tom J - I do. Do you object?

Priya - luck of the draw

Vivek - how? Read on. And be thankful that you're not based in the areas you're respnsible for!

KM - Deerstalker indeed. Think Watson instead of Holmes.