Thursday, June 29, 2006

Trying too hard, really

Too sick to write, yet inspired by this blog . And by the Griff.

Il Duomo, Milan.
As I've mentioned earlier, it has been called a "rococo hedgehog". Built and re-built for over 500 years. Each of those spires is topped by a statue, one has to go up on the roof to see them up close.

Trudging back from the Ile de la Citie,
happily footsore after a day of walking, I chanced upon this frame.
A window of the Louvre, somewhere opposite the Comedie Francaise.

Sunset highway.
Driving back from Shantiniketan early this year.

From a balcony at Diamond Harbour.
I used to live there once. The first time I heard a ship's horn as it passed through the inner channel, right next to the bungalow, I thought it was running aground. It was THAT close.

Setting forth.
Lake Windermere. We thought the clouds had ruined our trip, but it turned out to be what the Irish call "a braw soft day". Lovely shaded moods in those greys.

Silhouette, Singapore.

Up on the 63rd floor, thanks to an upgrade. At the time, this was the highest I'd been with my feet on a concrete floor. There was a swimming pool and some tennis courts far far below. When I looked down it was like a helicopter view and yet even those were on the 8th floor.

The same view, only this time from out on the balcony. Nothing very artistic, just the experience of seeing for miles. And all those ships out in the bay.

Kind of geometric.
The ceiling at Pudong Airport.

I have a better shot of an airport ceiling, that should go on Flickr soon.

Gathering storm.
Driving back from Kashid, some time in 2003. Other bloggers have put up photos of the Murud-Jinjira fort - this was taken just after we'd passed it.
The digital camera makes such a difference now.

This one is just about my favourite photograph.
Some time after lunch on a Sunday, almost broke.
I didn't have enough money to go inside the Hotel des Invalides.
This splash of colour amid the dual-toned chiaroscuro more than made up for it.



Ph said...

You should be getting paid to travel and write. You do a wonderful job of it.

Kele Panchu said...

Very ghyama pics! You should post more in your flickr album and let the world see.

Kele Panchu said...

About the last picture.. I wonder how it'll look like if you crop the shadowy part.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

The Pudong airport picture brings back a lot of memories.

I remember taking the Maglev from Longyang road to Pudong airport, it was *such* a big deal for me then.

Did you take the Maglev while you were in Shanghai?

babelfish said...

First I thought I'd mentin how speechless I was on seing photos. Then I figured I'd be using too much speech to say that anyway.
Then I thought of raving. But you don't like incoherent raving. Two down.
So, lemme keep this simple.
I just learnt this new word, I think it fits the bill.


J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Ph, thank you! Commission me?

Panchu Babu, dhonnyobaad. Shall have to Flickr soon. As for the cropping, I feel it makes the frame too symmetrical, even trite.

Punkster, 'course I did. Shall post photos of that some time.

Babel Fish, thank you. Twice.


The Marauder's Map said...
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udayan said...

This is the post you heard brewing ... see what you have unleashed :)))

The Marauder's Map said...

Oooh, how well-travelled we are! I am most jealous. I have never even been to Diamond Harbour, can you imagine, only up to Behala on Diamond Harbour road. Does that count? And Singapore, and I hated it.

Where's Kashid?

Salil said...

I see I'm not the only one inspired by that post from the Griff. :)
Nice pics, although I must protest that there are far better sights in Singapore. Did you see East Coast Park, or wander about Orchard Road or visit the Esplanade while you were there?

Anonymous said...

Which camera do you use?

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Udayan, over on your blog.

M Map, Kashid is four hours' drive south of Bombay. As for counting, my arithmetic fails me.

Salil, Orchard Road and the Esplanade yes, not the East Coast Park. Frankly, Singapore did not inspire.

Anon (why anon?), a Nikon E8700.


Salil said...
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Salil said...

True, Singapore's not the most photogenic of places. No complaints about living there though - great place for good food/vino/etc, but certainly lacking in sights.

[BTW, have bowed down to your request for more pics.]

devyani said...

hey what do u do in government