Friday, April 07, 2006


A minor navel (contemplated)

I’m sitting in office and I just do NOT want to work any more. If that needs any explanation apart from the obvious one that I’m a lazy free-loader, please refer to the first paragraph of my last post.

So what have I been doing? Blog-browsing, of course. One of my favourite blogs has posted pictures of Mother Teresa and Paris Hilton. (I forgot which one it was, did a search and came up with 50 OTHER blogs that mention it too!) A Great Man has hit upon the idea of asking one of them to play the other. In a film. Since we cannot ever imagine Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu cavorting with a Chihuahua while wearing sweet nothing, it follows that Conrad’s great-grand-daughter will have to don a blue-bordered white sari. The imagination boggles like billy-o; she probably has not worn so much at one time since she was in swaddling clothes.

Digression - Bill’s spell-check canNOT live with “ou” words. I just had to “Add to Dictionary” for ‘favourites’. Now I’ll have to do it again for ‘favourite’ and .. damn! I DID have to! If they’re so smart they can add Turkish and Swahili, why can’t they have MS-Office in English as well as American? I’ll tell you why, they can’t find a single American programmer who knows English. They’d have to Bangalore it. And put up with … (checks the number of Bangalore blogs on Bloglines page and retreats). By the way, I just added ‘blogs’.

Another blog I read (aarrgghh! Now I added ‘blog’. I think I’ll add ‘aarrgghhh’ as well, it might come in handy) has a story about meeting an attractive girl on a train. I have a story like that. But I’m not in Oldest Member mood right now, so I shall spring it upon you unawares some time soon.

Meanwhile, I am again overawed by erudite discussions of free market principles by Amit, Falstaff, Gawker et al. Being overcome by awe, I shall now retire into a smoky haze to think deep thoughts about inadequacy and the Woody Allen syndrome.

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'Hilton's prior movie experience includes appearing in a home-made sex video made by a former boyfriend that appeared on the Internet, and parts in several Hollywood B-films...also starred in the US reality television show "The Simple Life".'
Ah..a simple life indeed!! The trivia of a 'nun' too simple casting coup
hope the smoky haze ain't makin u cough and givin you a bit more inspiration- the random links were more entertaining than your post, if you don't mind my saying :)

what the hell, you can afford to indulge yourself today, work or no work, muse or no muse!
"...overcome by awe, I shall now retire into a smoky haze to think deep thoughts about inadequacy and the Woody Allen syndrome."

Okay, so here's to the Pruffock in all of us.
okay JAP at least 4 others have been caught goofing off like u ...could be the weather , or the fact that its Friday ...
From Woody Allenesque to Kundera-esque. I am lost in the world of cartels. I think at night, Paris Hilton cries over her name.
Go easy on Bill will you. There is a Set Language feature in MS Word. Go to Tools, select Language, then select Set Language from the submenu. Then choose the language you want. There are options for some 4-5 different types of English, including UK English.

After selecting English (U.K.), click the Default button. Click OK on the resultant pop up, and hey presto, the dictionary's changed to UK English. That's it.
Today, more than any other day, you are allowed all your laziness. Small advice: Go home to some cuddles.
About adding words to the dictionary - if you add the word in its singular form first, you don't have to add the plural form as well. This doesn't work the other way round though.

So if you'd added 'blog', then there wouldn't be a need to add 'blogs'.

Of course, the above applies only to plurals ending in 's'. And verb forms too, but I really doubt if MS Word could distinguish between a noun and a verb...
it is not useful to add that kind of natural language processing (NLP) power to a word processor. MS can easily do it but it's not worth the effort. it slows down the speed of the application. and when we curse bill bhai all the time while using their products, we must remember that microsoft has one of the best research groups in the world, probably better than the top universities of this science.
Damn, Shan's already said it, and in more detail than I could have managed. But essentially, yes, the dictionary CAN be set to UK English by people not... ummm... technologically challenged.
I keep setting the dictionary at work to UK english, but it keeps revertin to American.
Lurking 'n' laughing.

You're good!

My brain's a bit more dull than usual today for me to say more.
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