Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What's the bloody use?

I was tapping away, in the midst of a reverie on the pleasures of anthologies, when the papers came in.

If this is what we have after 21 years, what IS the bloody use of our polity?
I think the Sold Lady of Bori Bunder has the right attitude; there, it's not even the lead story, but comes after some nattering about the match today.

Who cares about somebody's father burnt alive 21 years ago?

My daughter tottered over and kissed my knee. And I wondered what she would do if - say in 2019 - she saw me being burnt alive by some political hoodlum. And the man who did it grinned at her in 2040.


s said...


to answer your question about "what have i got to lose", the appropriate answer would be my silky beautiful locks of hair.

besides, last summer i shaved my head. i got laid approximately 10 days afterwards. however, i don't think that counts as proof under the scientific method, so i'm hesitant to try it again.

uma said...

god, what a frightening question.

no, there isn't really any use. it's frightening to come to terms with that, but there really isn't.

how can we live with this and be hopeful?

Priya said...

Gosh,that was the most spine-chilling sentence: My daughter tottered over and kissed my knee. I too live in eternal fear for my daughter. First of all, she'll grow up on a daily dose of "I am like this only;give no da" English. Then I'll have to survive with my heart in my mouth every time I put her up in those doorless BMTC buses at 7.30 in the morning (after all poor girl has to brave only 714 potholes; ok give or take 100, 5 days a week,everyday). To top it all, like you say, what if...
Hope there are no typos, another eternal fear, when writing for you, especially;-)

km said...

HA ha...the Sold Lady of Bori Bunder. Could we run a "Top 10" epithets for the crappus papyrus please?

"Old Lady of Boring Blunder".



ozymandiaz said...

The world reminds us, lest we forget, there is no justice. The soul reminds us we must strive to find it. The children remind us to listen to the soul.

neha said...

If I have a daughter, the only role model I can think of is the 'Bride'. Uma thumping the guts out of others.

The only grace from insanity is cynicism.

Ilaiy said...

That is so terrible ..


tinytim said...

Correct me if I am wrong - but isn't all this (politics, admin, etc.) a colonial artifact of being babu's with power, self-gratification, etc.? Since when was the "public" a part of postcolonial Indian politics?

I guess I have stopped being even frustrated.

Srin said...

OMG.Maybe this is how MY parents feel.

Anonymous said...

J.A.P. - still a little learning to do ;-)

Anonymous said...


beezlebub said...

That guy - Tytler - had the nerve to stick his tongue out at the cameras. I can see his horns, barely hidden underneath his wig.