Friday, January 06, 2017


In the first week of a new year, Om Puri is dead. At the age of 66. I wonder what Naseeruddin Shah will have to say about him. Did they even remain friends after the ’80s?

Two nights ago, a call from my one-time best friend. His mother is dead, he has flown in from another city and he is almost at the crematorium. For 3 years now, I had been thinking that I should visit his parents. Many afternoons and evenings in my teens, much love and many rebukes and many meals and books in that house. I never made it. Now she is gone, and his father remains.
And he did not think of me when he got the news, even though I am the oldest friend he has in this city.

My father occasionally speaks of death. His own death, too. He is increasingly aware of the finite nature of life. I want to spend more time with him. And I wonder what would happen to my daughter if I were to go next.


Lali said...

Yup, death seems to be the only constant. My new year resolution is to do more of the things I postpone. We are so caught up in doing things we have to do, that we leave ourselves no time, and sometimes even inclination, to do those that we want to do.

Anatomy said...

Some day you will die but on all other days before that you will be alive. Stop being morose and meet me for a dose of positivity.

Soma said...

That thought has never been as large in my mind as it is now, and my time hasn't seemed so finite than it seems now and everyday I push these thoughts away and tell myself "I can do this" while another voice in my head says "I need a miracle".
Yes, the last two years have been a lesson in the finite nature and fragility of life. And a bigger lesson in humility.

Neeraj Banerji said...

Welcome back. Wish we could have hung out during the Pujas in Calcutta.
Here's something I read recently - perhaps a more positive / proactive approach to dealing with the inevitable: