Friday, September 16, 2011

Existential. Very.

5 in the morning. My TEETH ache with sleep. The laptop shirks, slows down, offers me irrelevant updates. Top of my inbox is a (believe this!) “state of the blogosphere” survey. The coffee seems to have suspicious clots. My innards refuse to co-operate with my plan of going for a run.

Let’s face it, I’m built for greed, not speed.

But we shall persevere.


Lazyani said...

Kaeno chap niccho , boss. Shokaler ghum tai shera:) Enjoy it

Raf IQ said...

I am subscriber (quiet reader) of your blog. On a complete different note, I thought you might find this post by Tim Ferris ranting about a Kolkata clinic interesting:

Perhaps you have insights to share? Or can relay his anger? :)

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Unknown said...

A typical Indian :) ..