Monday, June 22, 2009

Statutory Warning

I’m a gorment paarsen. Therefore muzzled. See, my Rules of Service rule out my pontificating in public on the things that seem really important. Anarchy. Hypocrisy. Bloodletting. Woman-bashing. Stealing. So when my blood boils about these, what I usually do is call a friend and vent. Because I won’t risk expressing opinions on political issues here.

Sport is a possibility, but by the time I put something together Google will show about 5935 “similar stories”.

What am I left with? Travel, food, the occasional rant. And some stories. Totally Awld Gaffer material.

You have been warned.


Tai Chi said...

i'm reading Games Indians Play and have just discovered Arnold Bennett. So Walking, word-play and other "non-authentic" sports may have to wait a bit more maybe - until then, lets not go to pieces. :-)

Mitu said...

U a parson? Or, personage? Me thinks latter. Yes.

Space Bar said...

you can do code, no? like parables or some such. bet nobody (else) in gormint will get it.

Lazyani said...

You are welcome with your travel/food stories and occasional rants.

About the other issues taboo on the net, we can always break our vocal chords over those colored fluids that you often have handy.

km said...

You rant about overpriced restaurants and some of us are perfectly happy.

//am with Space Bar on this. Have you considered writing about your experiences as fairy tales? That will be so cool. (Sleeping Beauty as a metaphor for a silent, passive government....)

May Moose said...

What means "desultory" pls., when U have such friends. Duh? An' d'u mean Paket Phillipe or similars.

T C - talfulu said...

LA/Ly: Please get Mirza, C, and then talk :-)

Rimi B said...

Hey! JAPda, eidike kichhu hochhe na to tomay "other blog" dike to dekhte hobe. Kichu kore, please. Pretty please. Please, please, please.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Tai Ch'i, maybe I should just learn Tai Ch'i. Then I could look as inscrutable as you read.

Mitu, jaast ay paarsen, really.

S Bar, parables are for the Jesus vibe. I'm more Falstaffian.

Lazy A, first we need to talk business!

KM, more fun ranting when one can Name Names, innit?

TC, WHO Mirza? Ghalib? Sania? Enlighten us.

Rimi, you're right, must post on the rediff blog too.


Progga said...

Gaffer is good. Bring 'em on!