Friday, March 31, 2006


As in, "phata phati". (Remember "Pichak Dhoom"?)

This is side-splitting. Folk rocks!
Link courtesy Great Bong ... almost as good as Bonguly, braahthaar.

And before I forget, Carol Gracias, Carol Gracias, Carol Gracias. And oh yes, wardrobe malfunction too, not to mention "Lindsay Lohan meets George Clooney". (Just a sneaky way to get the search engines here. Ha!) (It's that kind of day)

(Update: It seems to work!)

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Dipanjan Das said...

awesome. just awesome. thanks to greatbong.

Sue said...

My pc at work has no sound, so I'll have to check it out. In the meantime, see if you can download a song called GMD (gand mein danda) by a band from XLRI. One of the sweetest and best-sungs nongra gaan I've ever heard -- and I was brought up in JU, you understand.

Tabula Rasa said...

now which pujobari was this?

Kele Panchu said...

I've seen this before. tabula rasa, it was recorded in ujjal sangha, atabagan, laskarpur, garia, kol 700153. Yes, I know the guy who posted it. :)

greatbong said...

Curious...can a google video link be seen from India? I sent you the youtube link but since you put up a google video link, I presume you are being able to see it from there ?[ A few weeks ago, my wife's friends were unable to see the video from India]

bongbox said...

Havoc, utter havoc.... raw talent na thakle erom naacha jai na.
Thx for the link.

La Figlia Che Piange said...

Carol literally Gracias in your case, then.

Quizman said...

The mp3 links for GMD and other XLRI songs are provided below this article

Quizman said...

And JAP, you should really add a PG-13 warning to this link. I sent the link to your video to some Bengalis and asked them to translate and got a lot of "You're pathetic", "What has happened to Bengali culture?" kinda emails. :-P

km said...

OMFG. I can never repay you for this random act of kindness.

Someone give that performer a TV show on prime time!

thalassa_mikra said...

Baba, eta sotti Kolkata-tey? And I thought the degenerate Bangladeshis were up to no good!

Check out the next link put up by this guy. Shadher lau, updated for a new generation :)

Tabula Rasa said...

thanks, kele panchu. now pls provide the recipe! ;-)

HutumpaNcha said...

goodness gracias..chennai'r pujo pandel e amontron korar cheshta chalachhi. jombe bhalo.

bongbox said...

@hutumpancha: Oti uttam prostab. Chennai-er cultural life-e ekta shakeup hobe :-)

thalassa_mikra said...

Speaking of Bengali culture,
has anyone seen this website:

It has a gallery called "Hot Dhaliwood" which has supposedly "steamy" pics from Bangladeshi movies. Sample this pic (prepare to be traumatized)

Akash said...

I am traumatized. Ki hobe ekhon? Khub bhoi laagchhe.

greatbong said...
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greatbong said...

@thalassa_mikra: Awesome.

Is the guy dead in this picture?

Bonatellis said...

GB: may be he is dreaming of Carol Gracias :p

Sue said...

thalassa_mikra, that pic's just plain scary!

Bishu said...

What'z next ? Guddi Maruti's fading career takes a new and U turn as the hottest item gurl in Dollywood ?

Kele Panchu said...

Another Dayal baba remix (no video, diff. song)
5th mp3

Sphinx said...

this link just made my day, can't stop laughing!

Quizman said...

The Pakistani group Zeest has a famous song titled 'B.C.Sutta Na Mila'. HT and Mid-day had articles on it.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

DD, quite so. The Man is Great.

Sue, I got it last December. “Na bnaas ki bansi, naa soney ka sariya” Very well composed, arranged and performed. DD up there sent me the rest of the XL nongraa gaan, but the sound quality on the others is not so good. Google “GMD” and “XLRI” together to get the band site. Or check out Quizman’s link from this comments box.

T Rasa, Kele-da, between us we know AYBH-REE-THEENG!

Arnab, you’re right. Google add-ons take some time to reach

Bongbox, very raw talent but very very good.

Srin, very apposite.

Quizman, Sue will thank you for the link. Do tell your upright friends that khyamta naach is at least 160 years old, so perhaps Bangali culture was depraved anyway. Refer them to The Parlour and the Street by Sumanta Banerjee. That one focuses on urban culture, but as he points out in one of the middle chapters, the folk tradition is even more earthy. Check out nautanki and tamasha in Maharashtra too.

KM, perhaps he should try for Indian Idol.

Swati, refer above to my exchange with Quizman. Cf: Shaadher laau, the Cal Times covers not only this Bakshi person but also her birthday party. Now that defies belief.

Hutumthumo, public petition kora jaak Begum Khaleda ke.

T Rasa, what recipe? I have one for you in the next post.


J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Hutum Madam, Bongbox, Modro desh-er shanhgshkritik utthan-er opekkhaye roilaam.

Swati, thanks for the treasure trove. Arnab, Bonatellis, Sue, Bishu – aar kichhu bolaar roilo naa.

Puloma, welcome aboard. I’m curious what Arnab has said about me!

Sphinx, glad to be of use.

Kele-da, sey laach-taai naa dekhle aar moja kothaye mairi!

Quizman, heard “Sutta naa mila” some months ago, it disappointed me.