Wednesday, August 24, 2005

No contest?

Shoe Fiend came up with the idea of replacing her husband with a favourite book. Surprisingly, there IS another point of view. (Yes, I KNOW this is quite shameless self-advertisement. Now sneck up and go read it.)

So where's your bookmark, eh?

[Update: OK, I goofed, but both links should work now.]


Jay said...

Ooh la la.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

i stand by what i said... unless my husband starts giving me those foot rubs soon i'll be cuddling up at night with marquez

Veena said...


I concur. The boy claims he is going to change the wedding vows to say sthng like - to love and to cherish, to do laundry and to wash dishes, to warm feet in Chicago winters; till death do us part.

Works for me!

Anonymous said...

Considered replacing hubby darling with a new set of Brittanica Encyclopaedias but have since decided that I appreciate the warm hugs and cuddles on cold rosty mornings and the warm cups of tea that he makes for me when i am exhausted and the footrubs after i have been wearing inappropriately high heels! hmmm...think i will hang onto hubby darling for the moment! :)

Progga said...

JAP, I think you should also provide a map to the country where these wonders of nature are found.