Tuesday, December 08, 2009

WinEter thoughts

I understand only two kinds of wine. Wine I like and wine I don’t like. Which is why I’m not the kind of guy you should invite to a Wine Club gathering. I’ll head straight for the cheese and crackers rather than sip something that reminds me of the taste of iron window-grilles after a shower. (What, you never licked the grilles, say when you were about 5 years old?) The rest will gargle softly with half-open mouths, hold their glasses up to the light and talk about “legs” and “body”. Excuse me? Those are terms I associate with Jamie Lee Curtis, not with glorified fruit vinegar. And at my age, it’s a health hazard to even think of tasting her. (It doesn't help that she once said "In some circles, my Caesar salad is more famous than my body." I LOVE a good Caesar salad. Oh well.) [1]

I like some whites. (I’m referring to wine here, I must hasten to add.) But you know what I reelly reelly like? Sweet wines. Dessert wines. A good port, sherry, most of all a good Tokay. The last is something I can’t afford (hopeful look at the gentle reader, hint hint, and I wouldn’t mind if you throw in some good pipe tobacco as well), but I do still have some Cockburn’s and some genuine tawny (from Lisboa, no less, though aged in the cupboard and not the cask). So this winter, when my friends flock back to Cal for the Christmas vacation, I shall serve them whisky.

And keep ALL the nice sweet wine for myself!

[1] She also stars in one of my all-time favourite films.[2]

[2] YAY! Links AND footnotes, I’m getting back to Serious Blogging!


km said...

As a Window-Grill aficionado, I can't recommend their 1988 Rusted Ferrous highly enough. Crunchy with metallic notes.

So what's on your Christmas party playlist?

janus said...

:) @ footnotes

why not create an endnotes section ala David Foster Wallace and really let go? :P

btw, I meant that seriously.

Anonymous said...

Wine like old age grows on you. I am not old. Hence I have no clue why the comparison. Indeed.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Liked your whine about wine. But since am completely un-wine-ded, cannot win(e) you over with erudite comments.

eve's lungs said...

Well I am thinking of taking up chocolate cigarillos with my wine ..:p

nimbupani said...

I concur exactly! I have no clue on what good wine is, but I *love* dessert wines usually!

Rimi said...

I am glad you find it in yourself to admit you do not care for year of harvest or pedigree, but the plain bloody taste. And I prefer my wine sweet too. "Full bodied" and sweet, if you know what I mean.

There IS no way to make food-talk asexual, I suppose.

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日月神教-任我行 said...
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