Sunday, October 26, 2008

Separated at birth

Which used to be a regular feature in a magazine called Sunday (1973-1999)

Now am I the only one who thinks this way about THESE two?

This one used his head to good effect recently
This one is a trifle Victorian in his outlook


Hades said...

I can barely remember the 'Sunday'.

But I remember looking forward to it because of the Blondie comic strip (which is still published, by the way, but I don't like the strip anymore)

Found it pretty odd that they had changed the name to 'Graphiti', though.

Funny word. Even funnier when you spell it correctly.

eve's lungs said...

Yesss, Sunday - died a natural death like the Illustrated Weekly under Khushwant Singh and the JS ..sob

Australopithecus said...

haha! yes!
I remember that feature and that magazine.

Damn. I'm old.

km said...

Sunday! Wow. (I remember receiving our copy in the middle of the week.)

@Eve's Lungs: The Weekly died under the Sardarji? On the contrary. The magazine died after Singh left, when it tried to become "respectable" (the M.V. Kamath era, I believe.)

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Hades, "Sunday" was a different mag. Started by MJ Akbar, iirc. "Graphiti" is the Sunday supplement with "The Telegraph".

E Lungs, I second KM.

Oz, you do?! I'm surprised at you!

KM, you should tell us more.


eve's lungs said...
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Twilight Fairy said...

and that column is the only thing I used to check out "Sunday" for. I miss it!

Anonymous said...

Hmm Shivraj Patil, Gulzar.. Alec Stuart & Hugh Laurie (House)..mathew perry adam gilchrist..

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Anon, thanks, you're the first one to concentrate on the resemblances.

Matt Perry and Gilchrist, a fleeting resemblance. Stewart (not Stuart) and Laurie closer, but Hugh is leaner.

Patil and Gulzar saab, bang on!


Shan said...

Ricky Ponting and Dubya.

Shan said...

Michael Vaughan and Christian Bale.

Shan said...

Ann Coulter and a horse's ass.