Tuesday, September 09, 2008


One week of absolutely mindless work doing stuff that I am not the least interested in but have to do anyway because it pays the bills. One week of getting Ideas that fade out before I can open another window (other than one spreadsheet, two bloody awful memoranda of agreement and one weekly report that reads like it was written in that ­dhaba near Karnal). One week of wishing I were somewhere else. And someone else.

So here I stand, head in hand. Or rather, here I sit, full of … you get the picture.

So I went and watched Rock On!! (complete with the exclamation marks) and was seriously underwhelmed. Only Arnab, blast his keen little eyes, has gone and reviewed it already and I agree with him. So no post on that film. At least not now. In any case, I was seriously disturbed and considered counselling because for a fleeting moment I found Koel Purie hot. Which is rather like lusting for T Rex. Or Mayavati. Whatever.

And I was supposed to Do Some Research over the weekend - on Chinese food in Calcutta – and now the Small Determined Person who commissioned it is nagging me on e-mail. Merely driving home the sad fact that I cannot even write on things I like. AND reminding me of my Douglas Adamsian attitude to deadlines. (This one was on the 7th)

And I had a day trip to Delhi yesterday and loved it. What’s with the traffic over there? Next time, I’ll take my sneakers and WALK everywhere. It could be faster. Seriously. From the corner of Malcha Marg till the Taj, we crawled along behind this woman in a TIGHT pink shirt and WHITE pants that looked ghastly because she was too fat to fit into them. She was on foot. In stilettos. My capital city, zipping towards the Commonwealth Games.

Then I beat my own record by falling asleep in the terminal. With short breaks for boarding, disembarking, reaching home and faling into bed face first.

I wish I were still there.

PLUS Blogger is acting cute. Gerfkkk.

On the up-side, I found this blog and I yem lurrving eet.


Chronicus Skepticus said...

The 7th, O Venerable One, was the *extended* deadline. From what I remember, you'd promised to hand over the piece (WITH the photographs that you so indignantly defended) by the end of August. Go check your chats.

And you found Koel Purie HOT?? Now I'm worried about you.

crab said...

Thanks for the blog link there :) @ autobio of an ordinaary man

crab said...


Phantasmagoria said...

Tsk. Tsk. You missed ANOTHER deadline? I don't see HOW these people still give you work. Really, old man. 'op to it!

amit varma said...

Koel Purie is hot.

And Mayawati is the next Liril model.

So there.

Twilight Fairy said...

and u came to delhi and no phone call this time! OFF with your head!

S said...

i quite liked "rock on" actually. what's not to like? it's not pretentious, and that's good enough.

and that you found koel purie hot, is a lesson in relativity...think what she looked like in "everybody says i'm fine". you are normal. i think.

shrabonti said...

For more Koel Purie, watch 'On the Couch with Koel' on Headlines Today. (I'm failing to do the suggestive voice modulations that should go with that advice, but I'll do them for you next time you're in Bangalore.)

Anonymous said...

On the subject of visiting Delhi, some vicarious pleasure can be had by visiting this post on Karim's (http://ourdelhistruggle.wordpress.com/2008/09/02/karims/)

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

CS, end of topic!

Crab, plei-yah.

Ph, I know I can always count on your support and encouragement.

Amit, where, exactly?

T Fairy, THIS time as distinct from WHICH time?


J. Alfred Prufrock said...

S, I liked the film, just didn't find it great. Koel Purie's hotness was a passing spark.

Marauder, she's smart. Just ugly.

AD, Karim's deserves a gourmet's touch, not just expats. The raan, oh, the raan !


eve's lungs said...

Koel Purie is hot ? She has a lantern jaw . I liked Rock On . These days I like mindless stuff like Govinda films and M&B .