Sunday, March 16, 2008

The pity of it all

This guy seems to have spoken sense, but of course truth and common sense are not priorities in politics.

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Smarter said...

Facts are: Everything Jeremiah Wright has said is true.

The word "lynching" came from the name of William Lynch, a white Mississippi planter who delivered a lecture to several planters in Jamaica (during the days of slavery) on "the Making of a Nigger"

He advocated a series of actions both brutal and subtle which were designed to diminish the black man ( rape his woman in front of his eyes, then whip him to within an inch of his life when he protests) These actions showed clearly to the black woman, that her man, loved as he was...was useless in the long protect him, she gave in to the white man, prostituting herself to save her husband and her sons.

All of these and many more techniques, were used to brutalize and dehumanize the black person in America.

Slavery ended in America 30 years ( or 2 generations if you use 15 as the average age of a black woman to give birth) AFTER it ended in the West Indies. Small wonder that the black American still has not regained his sense of self confidence and self worth. They are caught in a pretend they love the white descendants of the people who killed their grandfathers, raped their grandmothers...if they show their rage, they are UN AMERICAN.

Rubbish..whites need to really go on their knees and ask the forgiveness of GOD...this is the sin that is continued "yea even unto the second and third generation" that America refuses to document and TEACH the brutality of the time, and expect that by sweeping it under the rug, the boil won't come out on their butt!?

And those of us who live outside America know it is true, because the minute an American sets foot on another man's soil, he is giving a list of instructions:

You can't eat the skin (of fruit)
You can't eat the seeds (of fruit)
DO you really eat THAT?
I need to ask someone else _ because you are so dumb they cant take your word for it
Do it my way...(usually the most expensive and wrong way that gets the whole community up in arms)
and so on and so on....