Thursday, June 21, 2007


Some young blogger friends are going for a long drive on Saturday. From Calcutta, even.

I pointed out that a thousand kilometers in one of these machines is not a very good experience for the spine. That the prospect of some great despatches and superlative photographs is marred by the possibility of the camera disintegrating as the vehicle bounces over luvverly roads.

I was told that new cameras can always be bought.What about a new spine, eh? Can you buy a new spine if the present model disintegrates? ‘No problem, dude, if Superman wossisname can survive that way for years, so can I.’

‘Superman? Christopher Reeve? Man, you’d need somebody’s help to POOP all the rest of your life! How exciting is THAT?’

‘Not a problem, dude. We may all need adult diapers eventually.’ Yes, but at 70, not at 21. Oh well. Why do I even bother?

So tomorrow I may meet up with a 3-person Expedition for the Popularisation of Adult Diapers. Takes all kinds.

(You may send your surplus diapers here.)


A Cynic in Wonderland said... know when you are ageing when you start being afraid of two wheelers eh? sighhh.

IdeaSmith said...

So didja meet my bachchalog?

progga said...

How's the spine, old man?