Monday, April 23, 2007

Memories, Madrid

Sentences float through my head, but vanish from the screen. Just opening the lid of my laptop seems to kill them off.

So, memories.

Catedral Santa Maria la Real de la Almudena. The Bourbons have the exclusive privilege of entering through the front door. So I didn't go in. (I prefer the chocolate variety by Britannia)

The little square past the Goo-roo's pad. And the view looking the other way.

The Bear and the Madrono Tree in the Puerta del Sol, the heart of Madrid.
Apparently this is the usual spot for lover's assignations.
All I saw was formidable mamaquitas. Well, almost all.

And the Plaza Mayor as dusk deepens and the lights gleam.
Rather magical.

Line forms to the left ... The Cafe Patas before the performance.

Cerveceria Cervantes - the tapas bar where we met Maria and said goodbye, all in five minutes.

Snacking in style in le maison Goo-roo

And dining at leisure. Paella. Very good.

Where our Goo-roo awakes.

The morning wash. A lane near the Goo-roo's pad.

And the Goo-roo's dining room.

The Goo-roo steps out to meet the day.

Which (for him) usually ends some place like this.

Last night in Madrid, walking back through (I think) the Plaza de Cesar

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Priya said...

Beautiful, Signor! Now, I want your job. Quick step down!

Kaushik said...

Lovely. Now for memories of Lisboa!

Orhan Kahn said...

Beautiful pictures!

Inkblot said...

some stunning photographs there....'morning wash'- my favourite. Was listening to Cohen and these floated along well enough-strangely.

Rimi said...

This is NOT a real post. Hmph.

iz said...

I want to go so badly!

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Priya - what's in it for me?

Kaushik - memories iz, writing not iz.

Orhan - thank you

Inkblot - 'umble thanks, praise from you is totally unexpected

Rimi - you're right, it's actually encrypted Vogon poetry

Iz - I hope you mean Madrid; that sentence usually has a totally different connotation which would NOT be complimentary to my photos.


Dreamcatcher said...

Am terribly envious :(
I thought I posted a comment here, I think the word verification thingie didn't approve.

scout said...

you, my man, are tagged. now don't disappoint me. i'm doing spell check, just for you. :D

progga said...

lovely. I want to go there immediately.

anjali said...

Your goo-roo definitely has nice digs!

Wonderful pics, JAP. Ah, how i wish i was still living in Europe!

eve's lungs said...

Enviable .