Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Non sequitur - hopefully the first in a long series

Stuck in office at 9 in the evening. If this had been Madrid ...

Techno turbulence. With the "seven minute deferred live" telecast, Cricinfo is now AHEAD of the telecast. In the best possible way. I see Windies 85/3 on the telly, turn to the PC and see them 89/5. Whoopee! (And sodomise impartiality, I'm not getting paid mega-bucks as a TV commentator, I can afford to have my prejudices)

And now back to work.

**** ****


Deepak said...

Cricket at work!!! What is the world coming to? Before you know it, people will be browsing this thing called the internet all the time.

Looking forward to the rest of the series. Hopefully of course.

Anonymous said...

the TV commentators are hardly ever impartial anymore, even when neutral..

Ravages said...

'sodomise impartiality'.
I bow. What an awesome way to say.