Thursday, November 17, 2005

A day in the life (OR, watch out, Kubla Khan)

And she's riding a stairway to Heaven ...

How can I concentrate on a meeting with views like this from the windows?

From Victoria's Peak at twilight

Stepping out

Murphy's. A chamber-pot on the mantel?!

1 a.m., and they're leaving when I walk in

From Acqua, twenty-something floors above the harbour


“Is this a non-smoking room?”


“I asked, is - - this - - a - - non - - smoking - - room? A room where one should not smoke?”

“Yes Sir, you have a probRem, Sir?”

“Not exactly, I just want to know whether one can smoke in this room”

“Sir, it iss a ron-smocking froor, Sir. You have probRem, Sir? We send up rrum-freshener”

“No, I just want to smoke in this room!”

“Right, Sir, then we send up ash-tray”

Welcome to Hong Kong.



vague said...

he he
more photos please. whats with the DSLR and less photos?!

Rimi said...

fascinating pics. and glad to finally have you back.

Prerona said...

Hongkong has changed. It looks different. Nice pics.
DSLR? Cool!

the still dancer said...

weRcome back.

anthony said...


Man in Mufti said...

Aha! So the man emerges from hiding. Saving himself a thrashing in which rimi, at least, would have heartily participated. I think.

Pics are neat. Noice.

But Tell We: were you ever actually able to concentrate on any one thing at any one time. :-)

Anonymous said...

Shades of blue
'Its all too much...

How about some 'fade to black 'pictures?

A fool on the hill said...

Did you smoke, finally?

Great pics. Now we know where you have been cooling your heels!

babelfish said...

yay, yer back!! And what lovely pictures *she sits and drools*

Docs Dope said...

can u smoke pot in HK?

Quizman said...

Ah, this is where our tax money goes!

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Vague - "less photos"?! About 500 over 12 days; do you really want the truck-load?

Rimi, Orc, B.Fish - thank you. Feels good to be back.

Prerona - different how? This was my first visit.

Mufti - "were you ever actually able to concentrate on any one thing at any one time" ... ainh?

Fool, Docs Dope - you could be incarcerated for 6 months BEFORE trial for smoking dope in HK. I am risk-averse.

Quizman - your kindness is my mainstay in this cruel world.

Anthony - thank you.

Anonymous - will try that. Wait for a couple from the Wall.


Krishanu said...

now i have added hong kong to the list of places-i-have-to-visit. welcome back..

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

your back! and here i was planning to send out a cyber search party!

Webmiztris said...

i'm very jealous....i'd love to see hong kong!

progga said...

You jet-setter, you.

Anonymous said...

jyu rye fly eggs weeth bakhom?

reminded me of the chain mail on 'jury flied egga weeth bakhom???' and 'how july em?'

Aunt D

Sphinx said...

love the pics!!

hdpal said...


s said...

the desperation in my life is probably evident through the fact that i'm in a matter of seconds going to ask you to post because reading your site is amongst the only worthwhile things i do these days..
post if only to salvage another life.