Saturday, June 25, 2005


Three things that I’m happy about.

The first should be evident. The side-bar is up, I even have a CCL, I can take the Chicago gamer and the Uncut commentator out of my bookmarks. Thanks to He-of-the-uncut-locks and to Bhegoo-bhayya for their help.

Then … I now have an inamorata. Sleek, chic, quietly confident and capable. Petite, almost waif-like. But very very sexy. Oh, VERY hot. Think Penelope Cruz, but (pardon the sexist analogy) with tetas grandes.

Now to push Anil to activate the bloomin’ RIM card, then my baby and I can be really free … (He’s in sole charge now, he should get a move on.)

Finally, something that makes me feel good but also faintly embarrassed. People whose writing I admire have linked me on their blogs. Very flattering, especially in the case of a Writer of Repute who has a short blog-roll.

All very nice, but I hold, with Groucho Marx (through Woody Allen) that “I wouldn’t want to belong to any club that would have ME as a member”. In other words, self-doubt lingers. If old TSE himself rose from his grave and gave me an approving nod, I’d suspect the Guv’nor had lost it.

Oh well. Enjoy it while it lasts, try not to feel guilty.


Blue Athena said...

Nice! Why the self-doubt though?
Maybe a little cleaning after the three things that you're happy about? :)

vAgue said...

oh well
writing can be
-empathised with
-laughed at (with)
-identified with

Pary why the self doubt then. there are any or all of these (an more, am sure) to choose from when reading something someone writes.

ps- "bheg" and "bhegoo" rock:)

vAgue said...

um sp.:

pig-to-take-off said...

if self doubt DOES persist in small but traceable doses, surely affirmations of ability are a bit like.... christmas presents?