Friday, April 15, 2005

All night long

I hate being a last-minute person.

It's been months since I have had to put together a presentation on my product. Mainly because I got promoted from travelling salesman to head of division. Ohhhh yes, freedom!

Or so I thought.

Now I have a morning flight tomorrow. I shall have to make a presentation when I get wherever I'm going. I thought I could put it together in a jiffy.

I thought wrong.
Hell is a blank PowerPoint template.


Urmea said...

Hmm, and I thought you work for the gormint and only use cyclostyled, yellowing paper. When did ol' Gates infiltrate the last commie bastion??
Also by the way, blogging to stave off the inevitable work to be done is an honorable practice - kudos from one who does it all the time!!

NoHairBrain said...

Hahaha!!! No wonder the govt sucks! yah! instead of finishing he presentation .. go ahead and finish the post . yeah!

Vishnupriya said...

fill it with lots od graphs. that works for me.

congrats on the promotion too.

vAgue said...

product? presentations? ppt? sales?
arre civil servunt nahi ho kya bhaiya?

in the gurment?
[and, because I cannot resist:

vAgue said...

urmea: it is honourable indeed.
but what about merely *attempting* to blog in hope of similar staving process?
sigh, my affliction

vAgue said...

sorry for another comment, but I had to add this to the list above:

"you will be in your kay-bin?"

Vishnupriya said...

and i strongly object to being called an infant.

Anonymous said...

Hoy young turk as opposed to old bong..the aunt returns:)

Anonymous said...

Ewe maast hab regelled audience weeth eyore wheatiness... and Boro Shaib and Montri mast habe told 'whale daan' to ewe. Phrom hale to heaben, and gateing lost on whay...

Anonymous said...

Am back

Old Harridan.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Urmi, I will have you know I use only the finest hand-made bond paper. With my arms embossed (two sable owls, rampant, on a field ermine, quartered with the device spectacles and the motto 'Noli Illegitimii Carborundum").

Sarathy, I finished BOTH. Now there's the little matter of finishing YOU ...

Venom, one needs data-sets to make graphs. I don't manufacture those. As for 'infant' ... now WHERE did I put that pacifier?

Bhayg, hum hakim hee hain, par ka karein babooa, pheelhaal kuchh hadd tak jamane se majboor hain. You ender-ishtand?

Aunt D, shall check out your new putrid pottle forthwith.

And Anonymous, more like heaven to hell these days, surely?


Anonymous said...

Lost, more like. Or RIP?

Urmea said...

Vague, the point is to 'not work' so whether or not the blogging is productive is irrelevant! :)
J. Alfred-da it must be tough using that instead of transparencies in a presentation! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your highness,

would i be wrong when i say 'they make up for a small portion of the population' or should it be 'they make for a small portion of the population'.

i had no one to turn to. grammar is not my cup of tea.


J. Alfred Prufrock said...


You embarrass me twice over, first by your facetious form of address and then by actually asking for my advice.

Perhaps the best phrase in this context would be "they comprise / are a small portion of the population".

And now I must return to a small member of the population ...


Pavithra said...

Hah. You've changed residence!

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

No, Princess. I just found myself a place in the country. Welcome to my 'umble abode.


satchisgod said...

Lol, good ol' procrastination:)
And on the Mocambo thingy, mebbe the other LMB took offense and made them take it off the menu:)
But seriously, I'm pretty sure they had it, like 6 years back (school days, ie).
And also, am allergic to crustaceans, toh, no prawns for me.