Monday, July 04, 2005


Wimmin's Leap

So I have this problem. I start off mailing seriously, ticking off points on my to-do list, then kazaam! I'm browsing blogs again. So shoot me ... would I be a statistic on YOUR site-meter if I weren't such a sucker?

(Re: site-meters and "why we blog", check out Megha on this post. Covers most of the bases. Not all - I'll get to that after work, perhaps)

We know some of the ladies who mourn recent relationships. I enjoy reading their blogs, though I have (presumptuously) suggested that at least one of them should write on other subjects. Perhaps all of them should read this blog. Just for a change of scene.

And while we're at it, this one takes education into the realm of self-help.

*sigh* i'd say why we blog has been the most done topic in blogdom. and yet, each time its equally thought-provoking. any conclusive answers, anybody??
syaar, not getting email tag only. hwether on men pej or kawmensh pop-up ooindow. that ij hwai I shed syar. ooil mel syar
also, syar musht have terribili dishliked new poem, syar not lepht any remaarksh.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
"i was grateful to peruse recommendation on reducing ex-content on my blog. many thanks."
Liquid Sunshine, are you a single malt? With that appellation, I would guess you're a nice Speyside 15-yr. old with a light colour and a faintly smoky aftertaste ...

Arka, will comment on the poem. It's a nice vignette but frankly, I think you just dashed it off and did not bother to polish it.

Beer, was it quite fair to delete the original comment? Thank you for taking my crotchety correction in the right spirit. You need not, hoever, have dropped the 'your' between 'peruse' and 'communication'.

re: single malt- haha
or could it be a frothy lager instead, to be had on a lazy sunday lying in the grass or by the pool?
I like to erase evidence of error: I am a lawyer!
The missed "your" unlike my previous comment, is a typo. I'll let it remain because it's way past midnight and I am sleepy.
Bhegoo Bhai, I much prefer stout to lager. Keats swiped my line, that one about 'O for a beaker full of the warm South ...' Blushful Hippocrene my eye, that was an Ode to Guinness!

Which brings us to Non-Lager Beer. Young 'Un, I might take liberties with the Law, but never with Lawyers. 'Nuff said!

Megha's post was yumnyum totally :-))) and please-to-be posting some interesting links to mmin's blogs too :-)))

Thanks for your very flattering comments on Jai's blog. I don't have a blog yet. I have confined myself to avidly reading many blogs, including yours, with the reuslt that I am repeatedly dissuaded from starting one myself. However, I do expect to fill some time this month with a blog of my own and you will be among the first to know.
Please to cover the bases I've overlooked. And much thanks for the link!

Aekta - Thank you! :)
mel haj bin shent. yesh, the pwoem woj dasht ob in hurri.
and shoulhd keats then have said "Oh for a beaker full of the warm stout?"
Sorry for this off-post comment. But wanted to thank you for dropping by. Am really glad you liked what you saw :)
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